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If you’re a Giants season ticket holder and haven’t seen Gotham Club, you need to, especially before 8/18 when registration opens to a broader audience and also to be one of the last 300 people who get to be members.  The Gotham Club is tapping out their membership at 1000. We saw the Gotham Club last year when it was housed in the current Candlestick Suite.  They’ve made a lot of remarkable changes and progress since then.

The downstairs bar access, called The Bullpen, is from an opaque entry just past the bike valet parking in McCovey Cove.  As a member, here is where you would scan your ticket and get a re-entry stamp, although you never need to leave the ballpark once you’re inside the bar area, even though the dining room is upstairs and the sports area is across the park on the suites level.

My friend, Debbie, is considering getting her own season tickets, so she joined me on this day. Kelsy Beatty lead our tour, and she did a great job.  We started on McCovey Cove side where the entrance to the lower bar which is called The Bullpen. (My picture gallery is in order of our tour.)   From here, you can enjoy cocktails and snacks and watch the field practice before the game.  There’s a special moving fence that actually allows you on the field to get up close and personal.

Everything is customized for the Gotham Club, from the glasses and plates to the food and service. From The Bullpen, you go upstairs to The Club Room.  Parked behind the MLB score reporter, the view isn’t perfect, but you can see the action, and I’ve never seen so many TVs in one place to watch the action from inside.  The Club Room starts out with a beautiful lobby area, complete with baseball books they’ve been saving up for years.  I was drooling to get my hands on some of them!!  You walk from there to the beautiful long bar, where they serve drinks and snacks.  From there, it’s down to the dining room which is elegant with crystal chandeliers.  The menu is still small plates as they just opened July 25, but they’re working on a larger menu.  They serve a buffet in the meantime.  My one issue is that the prices in the Gotham Club are considerably higher than the park itself, and those of you who are regulars, know that’s a pretty penny with a Stella Artois at $11!!!  A single shot of Bulleit Rye is $13 as an example.  I would rather see the annual fee higher and the food more reasonable to show the members appreciation for their loyalty.

You walk out the rear of the beautiful dining room to an elevator that takes you to the Suite Level of AT&T Park.  From there, you walk to an unassuming door with an ‘Electrical Admin’ sign and one of the Gotham Park.  When entering The Game Room, you encounter a beautiful welcome area.  Turn left, and you head down and alleyway to a fabulous pool table and a set of old-time video games.  Pictures abound everywhere in all of the three areas.  One of my favorites was a happy, casual Willie Mays behind the pool table.  (I named my 1-year-old puppy Wilhelmina Mays after the Giants best player ever!!!) Turning the other direction, you head down a balcony open to the level below with a beautiful Oracle plane suspended.  Then, you enter Nirvana.  Bowling shoes are lined up alongside TWO bowling lanes complete with bowling balls for every bowlers needs.  The space is so gorgeous with little alcove seating along the side.  All views from The Game Room are to King Street, but again, there are large TV screens everywhere.

We were told the Gotham Dog is the best in the park, but as I said earlier, it carries a heavy price. I love the Gotham Club, and I’m sorely tempted to join.  But, at $2500 initiation and $1250 a year for 2 ticket holders along with the exorbitant price of food and spirits, I’m taking my time to make the decision.  (There are other packages, too, if you’re a larger crowd.)  If you are a season ticket holder, you should definitely find Kelsy Beatty and take a look before they’re sold out and the prices go only higher.

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