Heron Head Park

Heron’s Head is one of my favorite parks in all of San Francisco.  Operated by the Port of San Francisco, Heron Head has gone through major renovation and updating in the last year or so.  Set against the backdrop of the beautiful bay, Hunter’s Point, the San Francisco Recycle Center, India Basin, the worn-down, decrepit, adjoining peninsula where the San Francisco 49ers SHOULD have had their new stadium built, Oakland, the Bay Bridge and even downtown San Francisco, Heron Head is truly a sight to behold.

Wind or fog, clear or cloudy, Heron Head is a wonderful site to explore.  You can walk the renovated path out to the end where glorious views of the bay await.  There’s also a path past the old PG&E electrical site that takes you to the park at India Basin.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash, but there’s a nice area, as you can see, that dogs can swim and catch balls.  Be mindful of the birdwatchers, as dogs tend to scare or distract the birds.

The whole route at Heron’s Head is about three miles.  You will feel like the only person on the planet – just you and the birds.

You can picnic in the front of the Heron’s Head office.  They even have fire grills there and behind their offices where you can cook up a storm, and if you do, you will be well appreciated by our drought-ridden neighbors.   There is ample parking in the new lot that was established during the renovation, and there is even a doggie run adjacent to the parking lot.

If you’re a birder, you already know this.  The best time to view the birds is in the early morning and late afternoon when they are feeding.  Also, the winter is the best time to view birds at Heron’s Head as they are in their migration period.


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