Omelet at Ketch Joanne’s

Ketch Joanne’s

Ketch Joanne'sKetch Joanne’s is quite a find, along with the walk that our friend, Brandon, recommended.

First, we wove our way back behind the Half Moon Bay Airport to an area where the Mavericks big surf contest is held.  (Google Mavericks Beach for directions.  It’s tricky.)  There’s plenty of parking.  First, you’ll wind your way down a trail alongside a saltwater marsh preserve and the beautiful Pillar Point harbor.  Access to the harbor water is a short walk, and my dogs went nuts.  They love to swim and catch the ball.  You will proceed along the harbor water to the breakwater that makes it a harbor.  Then, just after the harbor, you’re at Mavericks beach with beautiful views of the distant break that is Mavericks big surf contest spot.  The wear is clean and blue, and the surf is mild, except that is when Mavericks is running.  A few years ago, people got wiped out on this beach watching the surf contest, so it’s now closed for that event.  Mavericks Beach is a really beautiful and easy walk.  Dogs are supposed to be on a leash, but I didn’t see one that was.

Mavericks harbor

Mavericks Beach

Then, it’s on to Pillar Point Pier area for breakfast at Ketch Joanne’s, one of Brandon’s favorite breakfast spots.  We know why, too.  It was so good and so much fun that we went back the following day and did the same thing all over again.

Ketch Joanne’s menu is exhaustive.  They are open from 8am to midnight, and they have it all.  They have a  large assortment of seafood and egg options along with lots of omelets, pancakes, etc.  I chose Calamari Steak and Eggs.  I thought the calamari would be breaded, but it was simply grilled.  It was served with lemon and tartar sauce.  It sounds strange, but it was delicious.

Calamari Steak and Eggs

Ketch Joanne's Omelet

My brother and husband had similar Ketch Joanne’s omelets.  The Pyramid omelet has Italian sausage, Ortega chile, avocado and jack cheese.  The hub added bacon.  The bro removed the chile and added spinach.  Breakfast dishes are served with an ample portion of hash browns or home fried potatoes and your choice of toast.  The potatoes can be substituted with cottage cheese and tomatoes or fruit at no extra charge which is unusual.  There’s normally an increase with substitutions.

Our waitress was Meg, and she was REALLY good at her job.  We sat outside with our dogs, and she checked in with us constantly.  We were served as soon as we sat down, and the food and drinks came quickly.

Patty Melt

Chicken Fried Steak

The second time we were at Ketch Joanne’s, I had the Patty Melt and Dave had Chicken Fried Steak.  Excellent!  The surrounding area is worth a visit.  There’s a small farmers’ market on Sunday morning.  There’s a kayak rental place, and you’ll find seafood markets and can even find a boat or two selling fish right off the dock.  Pillar Point and Mavericks Beach make for a really nice weekend outing.

Ketch Joanne’s Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Really Good Food
  • Lots to See Around Pillar Point
  • Huge Selection of Foods

Bad Things

  • Can Get Crowded

The Breakdown


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