Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot

Willie at Lake Chabot

Willie is ready to go!

I hadn’t heard of this place until a January 14, 2014 article by San Francisco Chronicle’s ubiquitous all-things-outdoors writer, Tom Stienstra. I always learn so much from his articles – where to fish, day drives, hikes, etc. Lake Chabot was a complete surprise to me. We drove out there the very day of the article’s release.

The 315-acre lake was built as a reservoir in 1874-5. From their website – “Lake Chabot offers over 20 miles of hiking trails, which connect to the additional 70 miles of trails in adjoining Anthony Chabot Regional Park. The paved, 3.52-mile West Shore and East Shore trails provide access to the south and east shores of the lake (no equestrians on the East or West Shore Trail).

Grey Heron at Lake Chabot

Grey Heron

The Lake Chabot bicycle loop covers 12.42 miles via the Live Oak Trail, and 14.41 miles via the Honker Bay Trail. Various trails in Lake Chabot Regional Park provide access to the Skyline National Trail north of the lake in Anthony Chabot Regional Park. All fire roads in the park are open to mountain bikes unless otherwise posted. Please note that narrow single-track trails are closed to bicycles.” There are rowing and electric boats to rent, and fishing from shore and in the lake. No swimming is allowed.

The reservoir looked very low when we were there, but it was still beautiful. I look forward to our next hike, complete with a picnic. Dogs are permitted on leash.

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