Land’s End and Louis’

Weekend Sherpa is a great newsletter to subscribe to!  They cover Northern California and/or the LA area, and each week, they deliver a theme of walks and hikes.  Last week’s post talked about Land’s End and Louis’ and suggested going there for President’s Day to watch the sunrise.  I was certain that we would find the masses sitting peacefully waiting for the sunrise. Actually, we were the only ones there – it might have been that it was so overcast that the sun was not to be found, or that the forecast called for rain.

Land's End and Louis'

The Labyrinth and the Lab at Land’s End

It’s a beautiful walk, just over three miles from the Land’s End parking lot.  The views are breathtaking, and the labyrinth is karmic.  Be prepared for the 230 steps up from Mile Rock Beach.  You’re in for a delightful experience.

Land's End and Louis'

Loui’s at Land’s End

Land's End and Louis'

Patty Melt at Loui’s

Louis’ is an age-old diner, now open for 75 years, just like the Golden Gate Bridge.  They recently went through a significant renovation.  The food is decent and reasonable.  They could charge an arm and a leg for the amazing views that you get to experience.  Our patty melt was $11.95 and came with fries and a pickle.  I know, something go into us when we showed up there for breakfast at 8:30am.  Just HAD to have a patty melt.

Land’s End and Louis’ Wrap-Up

Price: $

Above Average

Good Things

  • Great view of the Pacific
  • Simple, good diner food
  • Great service

Bad Things

  • Not a one

The Breakdown


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