La Cocina

We were fortunate to attend La Cocina‘s annual fundraiser, hosted at Airbnb headquarters.  I was surprised to learn that AirBnB is housed on the top two floors of the ages-old Gift Center, where my Apple company had its annual MacWorld party for so many years.  Just being there brought back so many memories.

The foyer in the center of the building goes up five levels.  The Gift Center offices are scattered along the perimeter of the basement and the first three levels.  Derco, my jeweler, is located there.

According to Caleb Zigas, the Executive Director of La Cocina, “Last year’s support at the gala contributed to the opening of 5 brick and mortars in 2015, and La Cocina accepted 8 new businesses.”  That’s with $60K folks!!!  Amazing that La Cocina can take a small amount of money and create so much for its constituents.  The $60K was raised last year during a commitment session or a call to arms that asked for people to raise their hands at certain donation levels.  This year, the amount was doubled to $120K!!!

From La Cocina’s website, here’s a partial list of happenings by their Incubator Program:

“Every Saturday and Sunday:
Hella Vegan Eats at Golden Gate Park from 9:00am-2:00pm

Estrellita’s Snacks, Sabores del Sur and El Huarache Loco at Alemany Farmer’s Market from 8:00-2:00pm

El Buen Comer at Noe Valley Farmers’ Market!

Sabores del Sur’s Chilean cafe now open in Walnut Creek outside the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa BART station! Serving empanadas, alfajores, and South American sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.

Anda Piroshki opened a second kiosk location at Second Act in the Haight serving delicious piroshki varieties.”

As you can see, the variety of offerings through the Incubator Program is amazing.  I’ve been to bartending classes used as a La Cocina fundraiser.  They even have cooking classes.

The dinner at Airbnb headquarters took a bit longer than we had hoped.  The first course, an amazing duet of whitefish, prepared smoked and cured, was amazing.  The remaining four courses, however, we didn’t get to enjoy as it became way past our bedtime along with the fact that we might have been over-served.



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