Nob Hill Spa

Nob Hill Spa

Last week, I went to Nob Hill Spa for a facial.  It’s located atop Nob Hill adjacent to and in the Huntington Hotel.  It’s my fifth in a series of six that I received as a Christmas present.  I ask for Dani Lamkin every time.  She’s simply the best facialist that I’ve had the pleasure to experience.  I know, I’m not supposed to use the word best, because it’s not toppable, but in this instance, I can’t imagine ever finding anyone better.  I first met Dani a few years ago when I went to Nob Hill Spa with a group of friends.  One of my friends was complaining of dry skin and rosacea.  She had her treatment before me.  When she came out, she was glowing.  I’ve never seen her look so great.  I was then praying that I would get Dani as well, and lucky me!

I always arrive a little early to use their fitness center, spa facilities, etc.  In this instance, I swam in the pool, took a jacuzzi, and then sat in the steam room before it was time to see Dani. Make sure you bring a bathing suit as the pool area is co-ed.

The Pool at Nob Hill Spa

Ladies Locker Room at Nob Hill Spa

Dani uses (as does Nob Hill Spa) the finest ingredients, primarily Darphin and Babor, which, of course, I now own and use at home.  Dani also uses a Clarisonic Pro mechanical cleansing brush which is just super – I own that, too!  Dani is a pro with determining skin type and the correct treatment.  I usually see her after a trip to some smoggy place, like Shanghai, Hong Kong or New York, and I’m in need of some serious moisturizing.  Dani has that touch that makes you wish you’d reserved a longer facial.  The neck massage and hand treatments are extra dividends.  And, when you order what Nob Hill calls the Performance Series, the six-treatment package, Dani always makes sure to give you a little added treat.  Mine is normally my eyebrows.  (When I went to the prom in high school, my mom ordered me back in my room to remove the eyebrow pencil.  I didn’t have any on!!)  My brows need regular attention.Nob Hill Spa Store

With the Nob Hill Spa being associated with its Huntington Hotel neighbor, you can order a spa lunch to be served in the pool area.  Also, when you’re going with just 2 people or more, make sure to ask for the group special.  That gives you 10% off in the store.  And, if you’re in the mood to splurge on calories, Big 4 is in the Huntington Hotel.  It’s a beautiful, dark, old-time restaurant, dark and wood-paneled with leather seats.  Their Chicken Pot Pie is out of this world!!

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