San Francisco Giants Stadium View Level

The views from anywhere in San Francisco Giants Stadium are spectacular, but the San Francisco Giants Stadium View Level are beyond belief.  We sit in the second or Club Level, and we love our views.  We got to the game a LOT early, so we decided to take a tour of the top level.  The second escalator up is REALLY long.  When you first land, there’s a sausage place that I’m convinced has the largest sausages in the ballpark.

We got to talk to one of the camera men.  He’s at the highest level in the park.  There are usually six cameras operating during a normal game.  A not normal game is an ESPN broadcast.  Mike, the camera man, took the time to show us how his camera operates.  Once costing over $400K per device, they now cost around $250K.  Mike showed us how the camera zooms in, and boy does it!  He focused in on a truck on the Bay Bridge, and we saw it perfectly, even though it was a good 1/2 mile away.  We had to let Mike go as a large tour group was flocking in.  Speaking of flocking, the sea gulls start to hover around the 7th inning, and I’m sure it is quite a sight from that level.

As you can see from the picture gallery, there is plenty of food to offer at San Francisco Giants Stadium View Level.  There are all the usual suspects, but don’t forget those sausages.  You can access the View Level from anywhere else in the park, where the Club Level is restricted to those sitting there.  One nice thing about the Club Level is that it has an indoor area, and the variety of booze offered in far greater than anywhere else in the stadium.

The San Francisco Giants Stadium is always packed.  I think we’re at around 250 sold-out games.  I know the Giants love playing to their home audience.  We are a loud and supportive group.  And, when they’re doing as well as they are this year, we kick it up a notch.  You can get great prices on six-packs of San Francisco Giants Stadium View Level seats.  Check it out here.

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