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Week Two to Alaska


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!  It’s 5/12, and we’ve transited the ginormous Province of British Columbia.  I write this from Dawson Creek, BC, Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway.

Entering British Columbia was a piece of cake as we were quite a bit east of the I5 flow from Seattle into Vancouver.  The first 100 miles or so were of lush terrain and beautiful mountains.  Then the scenery ‘browned’ up with Aspen trees waiting for their chance to add green to the hills and mountains.  

It seems that, when traveling a long distance as we are, the RV stops are alongside major highways, so you learn to live with the noise.  Truckers are on the roads all hours of the night, trying to beat the auto traffic. Dave and I used to do that, too, until driving at night became difficult.

Many of the sites we are staying at have been closed since November.  The park owners do their snowbird action and head for warmer parts, like Phoenix.  We are WAY ahead of the crowds for family vacations.  The RV parks are just getting back into gear, with many sites absent picnic tables as owners prep for the oncoming season.

We are trying to travel about 200-250 miles a day, with a 2-day stop on occasion.  Our next stop was Williams Lake Stampede Campground, and it would have been fantastic had their actually been some ‘stampede’ action.  There’s a big competition next weekend, and I doubt we would have gotten in then.  We did some shopping in Williams Lake and told them of our next stop in Prince George, and they advised ‘be careful – it can get rough up there’.  Prior to that, all I was freaked out about, and still am, are the bears.  (We’ve only seen one group from a distance.)

Dave found MamaYeh RV Park on the outskirts of Prince George. It got an 8.5 out of 10 in the reviews.  Ed Yeh, the proprietor, got fab reviews as the most accommodating campground host ever.  The sites were pull-thrus with trees and bushes sheltering each site.  But, here’s the problem.  I’m/we’re tech junkies.  I didn’t realize until MamaYeh’s how bad my addiction is.  Once hooked up, Ed came by to tell us that the wifi was accessible only at the office a half mile away.  My visibly downtrodden look was upsetting to Ed, but what can you do?  We drove down each of the 2 mornings and downloaded our mail, newspapers, and a few shows to watch.

AND, btw, you can’t watch many US shows in Canada.  PBS, for instance, is US only.  HBO/Showtime – USA.  

I found a lake allegedly 14km away in which the dogs were allowed to swim.  Well, not really the case, but we snuck down the lakefront and let them go crazy.  Fortunately for us, Steph (Stephan E Curry) is finally getting over her runner period.  When she was let loose during past trips, she got distracted and immediately took off.  This time, she’s been coming when called, and I’m super thrilled about that.  

We took off for Dawson Creek yesterday morning.  We were hoping to hit the Farmers Market in PG, but it’s just too difficult towing the Jeep to find parking.  AND, just to finish the ‘issues’ in Prince George, we found nothing out of sorts and the people were friendly.

The trip from PG to Dawson Creek was a long, winding one.  But, I must say, the roads are in far better condition than people have alleged.  In the road, one will find ‘heaves’, where the snow and cold create up and down lumps in the road.  Work crews are already fast at work fixing the Winter’s damage. 

I won’t bore you with the 2 following campsites.  But, we were thrilled to land at Toad River Lodge and RV Park.  Our site was on the lake, complete with the view of a beaver lodge.  We were far enough off the road that it was quiet and peaceful.  Dave was able to catch a shot of a moose at dusk, drinking water and checking things out.  My favorite were the swans who were building their nest when we arrived.  They’re binoculars away, and I’ve been watching their slow progress.

Today marks our entrance into the Yukon Territory.  We stay one night in Watson Lake and the next at Whitehorse.  And then, on to Skagway, Alaska on 5/19.  I’m really happy that we decided to go as quickly as possible to Alaska and take our time coming home.  The stressful part of our journey is almost over.  Although, it’s always stressful driving this big boat!!

Steph’s first steak bone. She can’t even figure out how to eat it!

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  1. Anne Vernon

    Nice article to wake up to! If you streamed DirectTVNow ($35.00 per month), you would be able to see HBO (an add on for 5.99 per month). I have no line of sight so everything I watch is streamed. However, I don’t know about downloading it. I was just up at Ashland for two weeks, and they didn’t have the bandwidth for TV, so I just didn’t watch it! I upped my data plan, and stole a few moments here and there, but no biggie.
    Keep on trucking….Cheers, Anne

    • Donna Riley

      Yes, we are using YouTubeTV which is considerably less than DirecTV; however, Canada does not allow US streaming. Things are better here in Alaska, but most RV campgrounds have limited strength for their wifi accessibility. When we get to a good wifi site, we download a bunch of stuff for off-line viewing. Juneau is beautiful. More tomorrow!!

  2. Linda Barrett

    Amazing trip! Love hearing of your adventure. I’m especially happy to hear of Step’s progress. That makes life so much easier. Stay safe and keep writing! Love you guys. Linda B

  3. Patrick

    Thank you Donna for allowing us to share your wonderful life experiences with food and travel. I love all of your reviews and of course your great journey.

    Keep it all coming!

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