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River’s End

On our way to Ratna Ling, we stopped for lunch at River’s End in Jenner on the Sonoma Coast.   River’s End has some of the most amazing views of the Russian River flowing into the Pacific Ocean.  It’s worth a stop just for that.

River's End Fish and SticksOwned by Bert Rangel and his wife, they’ve made this restaurant and its adjoining cabins a very special place.  There’s American food, like the fish and chips that we enjoyed, and there’s also artisan dishes prepared with fresh, sustainable, seasonal ingredients.  I recommend trying any of their fish dishes.  The fish we had was wonderfully tender inside and crispy on the outside, the way perfect fish and chips are meant to be.



River's End Patz and HallThe wine list at River’s End is amazing as well.  Mr. Rangel knows his wines and specializes in wines of the region.  This is the first place I was introduced to Flowers Winery, some of the best Chardonnay coming out of the Sonoma Coast appellation.  This time, on a budget, we had the Patz and Hall Chardonnay.  It is, I believe, aged in steel as its flavor is crisp and full of citrus without the buttery taste that oak lends to Chardonnay.

In addition to wonderful wines, their long-time bartender makes a mean cocktail indeed.  I love their Manhattans, my go-to cocktail.

There’s nothing like River’s End on a sunny day.  You’ll find lots to do in the area, including kayaking the Russian River and splendid hikes.  I guess Goat Rock off Highway One before descending to the lovely town of Jenner.  Tell Mr. Rangel that Donna at San Francisco Locals Guide sent you.  He’ll get a kick out of that, and you’ll get his friendly smile – which you would get anyway!!

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