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Santa Rosa Seafood

SR Seafood oystersWe were looking for a place for super fresh seafood and oysters on the way to Timber Cove and lucked upon Santa Rosa Seafood – .  Santa Rosa Seafood has it all!!  They have an amazing selection of local, exotic and other sourced seafood.  I was really pleased with the selection of more than 8 types of oysters.  They also have sushi grade fish which was what we were in the market for. 

SR Seafood Cafe

SR Seafood Outside

In addition, Santa Rosa Seafood has a cafe next to the seafood shop in the same building.  It’s quite a quaint-looking place, and you can imagine that the seafood is the freshest available.  We were there before the cafe opened but will be sure to go back.  There is ample parking in front of the store and cafe.  And, a raw bar is coming soon.  Count me in!!

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