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I tell you what, with the amazing views at Skates on the Bay in Berkeley, they could get away with mediocre food and service.  But, fortunately, the food and service are almost as good as the view at Skates.

Shrimp and Crab Louie

Short Ribs

We went to a retirement party at Skates just before Christmas.  We were given minimal choices, but they were the perfect ones to determine all of the qualities I have indicated.  The Clam Chowder was thick and creamy with an ample amount of clams, chunky and chewy.  The Crab and Shrimp Louie had plenty of everything with an excellent Louie dressing on the side.  There were plenty of vegetables, and there was lots of fresh-looking and tasting seafood.  Darn good taste too!!  Dave’s short ribs came on a bed of mixed rice.  The short ribs were really tender with a mild bbq sauce.  The rice was topped with a nice selection of vegetables.  And to top it off, Skates specialty is a creme brûlée  We should have shared, they were so big.  But they were cooked to perfection with their crispy sugar top.

Clam ChowerSkates has a large selection of wines from reasonable to expensive.  The house chardonnay was good for us.  There’s normally specials or deals of the day.  If you request a reservation with a view, Skates is more likely to accommodate you.  There’s a nice bar, too.

Skates has excellent service.  It appeared to me that our wait staff had been around Skates for a while, and that says a lot to the ownership and management.

Skates is easy to find off the 80 at University Avenue and west.  Take time to enjoy the beautiful view of both bridges and San Francisco.  The wilderness area you see to the left as you look toward San Francisco is Isabella Point where I like to take my dogs to run free.  No dog places to eat at Skates thought.

Worth a Try

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