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Not being in the mood to cook and not feeling like driving too far led me to the discovery of Red Hill Station in Bernal Heights.  Red Hill Station has been open for about three months.  Although I walk Cortland Avenue frequently, I’m not usually on the east side of the street much.

What a wonderful find Red Hill Station is.  Red Hill focuses primarily on seafood, but they have a few meat dishes to serve the likes of my son, Josh.  The menu changes with the seasons and access to the most sustainable foods.  We started with the grilled Monterey Calamari salad with baby arugula and roasted vegetables, as seen in the feature photo.  The Calamari was grilled perfectly, and the addition of green beans made it kind of like a Nicoise Salad.  Delicious combination and texture.

Red Hill VongoleDave had to have the Vongole, Italian for linguini and clams.  It was not your usual linguini and clams, with a, in my opinion, overly healthy dose of garlic and garlic chips and not much sauce.  Dave thought it was delicious, and when you read reviews, you will see most people think it’s the best linguini and clams they’ve ever had.  Thank goodness for choice and diversity.

I chose the baked Half Moon ling cod with sautéed sweet corn and shallots, mashed potatoes, lemon and thyme.  The ling cod was cooked perfectly, and the crunchy, sweet corn gave texture to the dish.  The mashed potatoes were perfect.

It’s strongly suggested that you make a reservation to go to Red Hill Station.  There are only about 16 tables with bar seating at the kitchen.  There’s a 10-person communal or group dinner table a half flight upstairs.  They have a limited but good wine list, with wines on tap.  Service is excellent and well-informed.

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