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I like dive diners as much as I like dive bars. Although I’ve lived in Bernal Heights for ten years and frequent the Bayshore corridor, it wasn’t until last week that I saw Silver Crest, on Bayshore just south of Oakdale. Open 24 hours, it has the great outside look of what could be a great diner.

Silver Crest 1After Dave’s all night flight from Honolulu, I figured Silver Crest might be just the ticket. If you’ve never flown on a red-eye, you don’t know how disconcerting and disorienting they can be. But if it’s a choice of missing a Giants Dodgers game, especially this late in the season, Dave will do the red-eye in a heartbeat!!

There’s ample parking, so that’s no reason to NOT go to Silver Crest. Walking in the north side, you’ll enter through the bar. It has a nice billiard table and a perfect dive atmosphere. But what an odd place Silver Crest is. You absolutely have to take the time to read the Yelp reviews. You’ll either love Silver Crest or hate it.

Dave asked for a Diet Coke. “We don’t have diet drinks, only Coke.” The menu is on the wall. I asked if I could have a hamburger patty with eggs instead of ham or bacon. “No, you would have to buy the hamburger and the eggs dish, costing you about $17.” Well, what kinds of beer do you have, we asked. “Budweiser and Coors.” So, we ordered a Budweiser, and we both had bacon and eggs. They’re served with home fries and wheat or white toast. When I said no toast, I got “but you’re paying for it”. I told her that Dave’s portion was to be treats for my dogs as we rarely eat bread.

Silver Crest B&E

Silver Crest Donuts

The eggs were cooked perfectly, and they serve FOUR slices of bacon. I also really liked the home fries. Next time, I’ll ask for them well done, as the crispiness will really help the potatoes.  Check out these massive donuts.  The glazed is $1.75.  I haven’t had a donut in years, so I don’t know if that’s cheap or expensive.

There were only a few older people there when we were there, but three young guys in the bar. I think that the older couple milling around are the owners. A wonderful diner-like circle of counter seats is bordered by the bar wall on one side and booth seats at the Bayshore side. The waitress was from some Eastern Europe area with a nice accent. She was a very good waitress, in my opinion. It was eminently clear to her that we’d never been there before.

When we were leaving, the older woman was at the bar. There was an 80s television against the far wall. Dave and I were thinking this could be the perfect sports bar dive. Do you show sports, I asked. “No, we only get channel 3.” Priceless!! I just thought to myself how much these people are leaving on the table – sports TV, diet drinks could do wonders for this place. If you’re a true dive fan, you will love this place. If not, ignore Silver Crest.

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