Jacques Pepin Sushi

Heart & Soul by Jacques Pepin

Heart & SoulJacques Pepin’s latest and probably final cookbook is one of the best in his repertoire.  Jacques Pepin’s Heart & Soul brings us simple yet marvelous recipes, like this sushi dish.  Heart & Soul will also be Jacques Pepin’s last food/cooking series for San Francisco’s KQED Public Radio.

So normally, one would make the rice, slice the sushi and go about the roll.  BUT, this recipe makes a sushi ‘casserole’ that is so much simpler and, honestly, much more pretty.

You can use anything you like, but sushi grade fish is key.  Jacques adds rehydrated wood ear mushrooms that I couldn’t find, so you can add wakame salad for the crunch or find other things that alter textures slightly.  Trout caviar gives it a bite as well.

Just loved this dish and so many more from Jacques Pepin’s ‘Heart & Soul’.  Jacques’ approach to food is simple and elegant.  You’ll have to try some!!

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