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Lobster and Corn Casserole

So, I wrote to you a while back about Sunday Casseroles , a Chronicle publication, given to me by its editor and my neighbor.  It was my sister’s birthday, and our niece was in town, so we decided to have a big family dinner.  I wanted to make something special, and something that I could prepare the day before as the Giants Race was Sunday morning, and I really don’t like to slave on a meal and then sit down and eat.  Lobster and Corn Casserole was my wonderful find.

If you followed our 90-day road trip, you will have read that Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound was our favorite lobsters on the trip, and we each ate at least 15 of them!!  I ordered six beautiful lobsters from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound, cooked (they will only do this in the summer when the restaurant is open, so you have to call).   You won’t believe how reasonable they are, including overnight shipping.  (I can’t tell you because we surprised a friend at her dad’s birthday with a bunch of them, and giving away pricing would be rude!)  You can get add-ons, like clams and mussels, too.

Between the two of us, it took about an hour and a half to clean the lobster, with fringe benefits of course.

The casserole consisted of diced red potatoes, corn kernels, onion, all cooked in advance.  Then, there’s the usual egg and cream mixture.  We got the whole thing together, with the exception of the lobster, which is added to the bake job 15 minutes before completion.  It was absolutely delicious.  SO happy that the young kids don’t like lobster – they got Safeway chicken, which they loved.  It was all served with a beautiful romaine salad – sharp to cut the rich casserole, and broccoli in a wonderful kalamata dressing. I am SO sorry, but we were having so much fun that I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful casserole.

Casseroles and slow cookers are the way to go when you want to create a nice, big meal for friends or family without a lot of effort.  Lobster and Corn Casserole is definitely on the go-to entertainment menu.

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