Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

Jacques Pepin and Julia Child had a wonderful PBS series several years ago where Jacques cooked at Julia’s infamous house. They would pick a recipe like the lobster roll, and each of them would prepare some the same dishes made their own unique way. The book ‘Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home’ is one of my favorite go-to cookbooks. Dave used their Steak Diane recipe for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

Since we were on the Sonoma Coast for the weekend, and the steak was left in San Francisco, we made a run up to Gualala for more steak. They just happened to have lobster medallions for $6.99 a pound. They looked so delicious that we snagged a pound.

Dave makes the best buns. They aren’t authentic lobster rolls, but we knew they would do the trick. So, we then found a hot and cold recipe for lobster rolls in Julia and Jacques’ book. We chose the mayonnaise-based cold over the butter-based hot. Rich and moist and messy, they were such a treat.

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