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If you’re looking for the best possible seafood, look no further than Sea Forager.  Kirk Lombard and his team at Sea Forager are some of the hardest working humans on the planet.  Every Wednesday afternoon (at least for my Bernal Heights/Mission hood), Kirk delivers to Chez Poulet a giant cooler filled with the fresh pick of the week.  You need a code to get in, so your fish is secure until you get there. The Sea Forager is willing to work with our travel schedule, allowing us to put our pickups on hold when we’re out of town.

Petrale SoleWe’ve been members since Sea Forager got its due with an article in the San Francisco Chronicle in October 2013.
Every now and then, Sea Forager offers an ‘add-on’ of another type of fish that Kirk has acquired.  This week, our offer was Petrale Sole.   We were also able to add MacFarland Springs trout.  You can choose 2 or 4 portions. Prices are very reasonable and quantities are plentiful as you can see.  (This is a 2-person portion, believe it or not.)

We prepared our delicious Petrale Sole in the traditional way – dipped in egg, then panko and fried.  I made homemade tartar sauce (why not – the bottles you buy are loaded with sugar).  I use mayonnaise, sometimes mustard, dill relish and chopped capers.  Since we’re watching the carbs, and the fact that the portions are so plentiful, I made a simple salad to go with the delicate Petrale Sole.  (The featured picture is our end result.)
We ran into a little glitch on this Wednesday’s pickup, however.  For the first time, the trout was there for pickup but the Petrale Sole was not.  After contacting Kirk and team, Kirk himself made the trip to my home to deliver the Petrale Sole.  I’m so impressed with this guy.  He works REALLY hard, but apparently he loves what he does.  I gave him a box of San Francisco Chocolates to help him keep up his abounding energy and to thank him for the extra effort.

Low Tide at MavericksI got to meet Kirk on a very low tide day at Mavericks Beach in Half Moon Bay.  He was leading a tour of a large group of people.  I went to ask for his card, and that’s when I put the face with the name.  In Washington, they call them geoducks (pronouced gooie ducks), but at Half Moon Bay, they are Horseneck Clams.  Only at low, low tide can you wonder out into the bay.  You need a shovel and find air bubbles at the surface.  You have to dig really fast as the clams will begin to burrow quickly.  They make a delicious clam chowder and considered a Japanese sushi delicacy.  If you’re a member of the Sea Forager program, you can take tours with Kirk at half price.  Definitely on my to-do list.

Fresh TroutThe other great things about Sea Forager is that they will tell you ALL about the fish AND provide recipes.  I used their mussels recipe to make the most delicious steamed mussels.  For the MacFarland Springs trout that we got, I decided to do a Trout Ceviche with a recipe I dreamed up.  Trout is such a delicate fish that it won’t take too much additional spice.  I chopped up the trout into bites, quartered and sliced some radishes, added sliced green onion as I felt a regular onion would be too strong, added chopped cilantro and bites of avocado.  It is a delicious way to enjoy almost any type of fish.  It’s going to good use tonight at the San Francisco Giants game!!


Trout CevicheSo, head on over to the Sea Forager website and sign up while your mouth is still watering.  You will supremely enjoy the experience.

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