Sunday casseroles feature

Sunday Casseroles

Lucky me.  My neighbor is a food editor at Chronicle Books and offered me a sample of their outstanding food publication line.  I saw ‘Sunday Casseroles’ in an Amazon solicitation, and decided to take Sara up on her offer.  MAN, am I happy I did.  ‘Sunday Casseroles’ is one of the best cookbooks I’ve seen in years!

My initial interest was that the author has an entire section on breakfast casseroles.  My large family visits demand lots of food, so casseroles are frequently the center of every meal, especially breakfast.  Emeril Lagasse’s Mexican Breakfast Casserole has been a go-to, often over-used breakfast offering for the family, with half of one casserole meatless for my vegetarian family members.

Shrimp Casserole

Shrimp Baked in Coconut and Lime Rice – beautiful and colorful

‘Sunday Casseroles’ byline is ‘complete comfort in one dish’.  I beg to differ – it’s complete comfort in EVERY dish.  Betty Rosbottom, according to the inside sleeve, is a ‘cooking teacher, syndicated columnist, PBS host, and cookbook author’.  I’m really impressed with her offerings – simple approaches to easily made dishes.  The cookbook is beautifully organized by poultry, meat, seafood, vegetable, bread- and pastry-topped casseroles, pasta and breakfast.  Turkey and Corn Tortilla Casserole with Lime-Scented Sour Cream is a slam dunk to be added to my Thanksgiving weekend leftover menu.  Fish and Chips Casserole;->  Corn, Leek and Chorizo Pudding;-o  The ONLY recipes that don’t appeal to me are those with bell peppers, and I will overcome that minimal objection by using pasilla or Anaheim chiles instead.

Caserole TwoThe photography, but Sara’s friend, Susie Cushner, is just as beautiful as the recipes themselves.  I do a LOT of food photography and consider myself becoming better and better.  But Susie Cushner is amazing.  Just take a look at this photo  for ‘Emily’s Souffléd Eggs with Cheddar and Green Chiles’.  (BTW, I have been given permission to use this photography and references as long as credit is given to the amazing team that writes, photographs and publishes this amazing book.)  OK, back to photo – On two pages, there’s one filled with a spoon used to scoop out the far dish.  A hint of red and green color drift off the page.  This is amazing photography, people, in a world where it’s really hard to be a bit more creative and edgy with something as simple as food.

Really nice job everybody!!  If I could offer a review score as I do in my restaurant reviews, ‘Sunday Casseroles’ would get a 10 for sure – PERFECT!!!

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