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Taste and Tribute

Taste and TributeThe Taste and Tribute Gala to benefit the Tibetan Aid Project is coming up on Friday, November 21, and I can’t wait to attend.  It’s being held at the Four Seasons Hotel, starting at 5:30pm.  Inspired by San Francisco’s famous chef, Laurent Manrique in 2001, the event will feature 22 chefs with one famous chef after another preparing meals table side in pairs for this four-course extravaganza.  Chefs include Laurent Manrique, of course, Gerald Hirigoyen of Piperade, Rocky Maselli of A16, and James La Londe of Bocadillos.  From this short list, you can see the amazing diversities and backgrounds.  The chefs working table side makes Taste and Tribute a very special and unique event.  Dinners include wine pairings for each course.  Wineries present include Annapolis, Frey Vineyards, Mueller Family Vineyards, Ravenswood and Rosenblum.  (See here for a full list.)

There will be both silent and live auction items to add to the Taste and Tribute evening.

The purpose for the evening is quite an honorable one.  All funds raised at Taste & Tribute help to preserve Tibet’s cultural and spiritual heritage, sharing with the world a tradition based in wisdom and compassion.  Since 1989, the Tibetan Aid Project’s primary focus has been to financially support the archiving, printing and distribution of sacred texts. This effort has resulted in one of the largest free distributions of books in history.  Over 4 million books printed in the Tibetan language have been offered to the Tibetan exile community filling the libraries of over 3300 monasteries and centers of learning across India, Nepal and Bhutan. With your help, they look forward to continuing this important work well into the future.

I have multiple reasons for wanting to attend Taste and Tribute beyond the food and wine and the great opportunity to report about the event.  I live part time on the Sonoma Coast near Ratna Ling, a retreat that is part of many of The Tibetan Aid Project’s associated non-profits, which focus on educating and promoting Tibetan culture and spirituality.   I had the opportunity to spend a few days there with my friend, Linda, and can’t wait to go back.  It’s peaceful, relaxing and inspiring.  (You can read my review here.)

Dharma Publishing is located across the street from Ratna Ling.  In addition to the gift of books mentioned above, Dharma Publishing also prints books for sale to the public and available either online or at their Dharma Publishing Berkeley store, next door to Dharma College.

From my Ratna Ling experience, I learned about Dharma College in Berkeley where I’ve taken a few classes related to better understanding of your mind’s inner workings.  Virtually every class has given me some mind-boggling realization.  (I no longer wake up in a bad mood from focused thought learned at Dharma College.)  Teachings are spiritual in nature, with thought and philosophy from the Buddhist religion without mention of Buddhism.

I’m looking forward to attending Taste and Tribute, and also to give you the scoop.  But, I would much rather see you there, thus the reason to write about the event in advance.  You can get your tickets here.  See you then!!

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