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Smokestack in Magnolia Brewery

We went to the SF BBQ Festival last year, and it is fabulous.  It’s in AT&T Park’s parking lot, so the crowds were spread out.  Great beer, great bbq, but Smokestack BBQ won the blue ribbon/gold medal with the beef brisket.

We went with our friends to Avocado Con, SF’s first festival tribute to the avocado.  We were able to get some beer, but before you knew it, the lines were crazy long, and it was SO crowded.  So, we called an audible and walked from Spark Social (a REALLY cool venue in the UCSF/Mission Bay Area) down to Magnolia Brewery where Smokestack BBQ is housed as a pop up.

Magnolia barThe space hasn’t been there that long, but it looks like it has.  The banquettes have worn out faux leather.  The floors are marred, and the art is aged – perfect setting for us!!  The bar has the classic high walled ceiling with a rolling ladder for the bartenders to get to the lesser requested brands.  Dave decided to choose one of those just to get a pic of the guy going for the bourbon.  Whistle Pig Rye turned out to be well worth the tease.

Brisket and Ribs with SidesThere’s cleanup service but no table service for either Magnolia Brewery or Smokestack.  The 4 of us chose to order the meat by the pound.  Brisket of course.  Spare ribs next.  There’s also pastrami, chicken, sausage and chopped pork.  Sides at Smokestack are diverse – beans various ways, Texas Caviar (look it up – YUM!!), cole slaws, mac and cheese – lots more than the usual BBQ spot.  BBQ sauce isn’t added to the meat, so you have your choice of yeah or nee.  There’s also mustard sauce and homemade hot sauce. 

And, of course, the beers offered  by Magnolia  Brewery are top notch.  They started some time ago in the Haight.   Beers change regularly.  I only regret that they have a Kolch and not a bonified pilsner, my preferred beer.

ALL of the food at Smokestack was absolutely excellent.  We were able to take our dogs into the restaurant to sit near us (not sure why but heh…).  While there was no table service, still the personnel were very friendly and accommodating.  We really loved the environment.  It’s close to our house, so we’ll be back.

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