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We met our real estate agent on the way out of town to the Sonoma Coast.  Fridays are tough Marin and Sonoma traffic, so it’s best to get out of town early.  By the way, what the heck is with the gridlock traffic in San Francisco?  It appears you can’t go anywhere without some construction or jam.  I used to plan 30 minutes to safely cross town, and now it’s 40 minutes.  Insane!!!!

Balboa Cafe is just one of those places near the Golden Gate Bridge – conveniently located near Lombard on Balboa St, it’s owned by the Plumpjack Group, a partnership of many including our Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Balboa Cafe Spinach Omelet and Greens copyMaria is REALLY good at her discipline and ordered a spinach and cheese omelet with greens as she’s been doing so great staying off of gluten.  Maria says it’s probably the best omelet she’s ever had, and Maria’s a foodie.  Balboa Cafe has a wonderful menu and some really good specials.  I chose the fish and chips – lacking Maria’s discipline.  The fries were only moderately warm, and the fish didn’t have that classic tempura beer batter, so the batter was, in my opinion, too heavy for the delicate fish, and the fish part was excellent.  Dave can’t stay away from steak frites, and so it was.  Dave thought the steak was prepared perfectly, but he would have preferred a traditional thick cut vs. the way it was served.  His fries, different from mine, were hot and prepared perfectly.

Balboa Cafe Steak Frites

Balboa Cafe Fish and Chips

Service at Balboa Cafe is outstanding.  The staff is quite attentive, and you won’t feel any pressure to clear your table for those waiting.  The interior was comfortably designed with lots of room between tables so that even the louder tables don’t bother you.  I like Balboa Cafe.  It’s all the way across town for us, so I would only go there if I was in the neighborhood for another reason.  It wouldn’t be a destination.  But that doesn’t mean Balboa Cafe isn’t worth the trip for some and a definite local spot for those nearby.

Balboa Cafe Wrap-Up

Price: $$$

Really Good

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