Bar Agricole

Bar Agricole

I’ve wanted to go to Bar Agricole since it opened over a year ago. Dave finally took me there for my birthday. I get to go to a lot of restaurants, from the dives to the extraordinary. Bar Agricole knocked my socks off!! The space is amazing. From the front, it looks like you’re going into someone’s industrial-designed home, a large grey weathered fence. Once inside, there’s a beautiful patio with a soft, moveable roof. Once up the stairs, you enter the bar area, and the place is buzzing from the moment it opens. Bar Agricole won last year’s James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design, so I’m not alone in my awe of this space!! Dinner seating is behind the bar and downstairs, but you’re welcome to enjoy food at the bar as well.

Bar Agricole ManhattanWe started with a cocktail. People think that $10 for a specialty cocktail is expensive??? I’m not sure where they’re drinking. The bartenders have homemade concoctions of bitters and other flavorings, and they painstakingly prepare each drink as if it is your last – gotta be the best. I drink Manhattans, and I know them well. Dave says not to say ‘the best’, but I do have to say their Manhattans are the best I’ve ever had. 

We sat down for dinner and had a very good waitperson. She did a great job recommending dishes, and she also made sure our cocktails were never empty! The plates are small, and some believe they are expensive, but I prefer small plates. That way, you can taste more and not get utterly full.  The duck breast was perfectly cooked with a crispy skin on a bed of lentils with pickled beets – delicious. Dishes run from $16 to $29, and there are starters, like oysters (a bit high at $3 a piece), chopped liver, gravlax. These run from $8-$12. I think my favorite dish was the squid. It had watercress (wish there was more), large tubes of squid and tentacles, some heirloom beans and a beautiful, mild yogurt sauce all sitting on a flavorful broth. This beautiful dish had roasted fingerling potatoes, leek, purple chard and tomatoes. The flavors blended quite nicely.

Bar Agricole Duck BreastBar Agricole Squid
I really got a kick out of how innovative their dishes are. The shrimp salad had two beautiful roasted shrimp in some kind of spicy Asian marinade. They were resting on a bed of romaine nicely tossed with Bar Agricole’s version of Green Goddess dressing, complete with chopped egg, almond slivers and fresh corn. Bar Agricole Green GoddessBar Agricole Southern Fried

This dish was Bar Agricole’s take on a Southern Fried fish dinner. Crispy fried filets of cod were served with mashed potatoes and a unique, pickled cole-slaw-like salad.

You have GOT to go to this place. Although Michael Bauer and others feel that it’s expensive, I think our bill was just over $100. Try accomplishing that at a steakhouse or any of the top restaurants in town.

Bar Agricole Wrap-Up

Price: $$$


Good Things

  • Innovative food
  • James Beard award winning design
  • Artisan Cocktails

Bad Things

  • Not a one

The Breakdown


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