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The Buena Vista Cafe

Us locals don’t normally hang out at Fisherman’s Wharf, but there are a few spots that you will always see locals.  The Buena Vista Cafe  is one of those.  Home to the original and finest Irish Coffee on the planet, and that’s just for starters.  The wait staff has been there forever, and they offer excellent service even though they don’t have to – as in tourists come and go. 

We always seem to get lucky when we go to The Buena Vista Cafe.  After taking the dogs to Chrissie Field for their ball throwing, swimming jaunt, we headed to The Buena Vista Cafe and got a parking place right in the front.  That’s luck.  Then, we entered, ordered two Irish Coffees and got a seat at a fabulous table almost immediately.  That’s Irish luck!!

The Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista Caf is beyond belief.  At $9 a pop, it has to be.  They used to use two C&H small cocktail sugar cubes, but C&H abandoned those long ago.  So, it’s two cubes of C&H sugar, coffee poured on top and then Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, and finally cream floating at the top after stirring and melting the sugar.  It’s an amazing drink, like no other Irish Coffee anywhere.

Irish Coffee

Patty Melt

Breakfast at The Buena Vista Cafe is amazing.  They have the usual fare – omelettes, eggs, but you’ll find Crab Benedict, and lots of options that include crab.  It all comes with amazing San Francisco sour dough bread toast that simply can’t be missed.  But this day, we chose the patty melt.  I love the crispy rye bread.  It has just the right amount of cheese and caramelized onions.  They will only cook the burger to medium unfortunately.   The shoestring fries are always hot and delicious.

Buena Vista Cafe – a San Francisco treat!!!

The Buena Vista Cafe Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Really Good

The Breakdown


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