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With my weekly classes at Dharma College (more about them in another post), I get to have lunch with my friend, Linda.  I saw the BurgerMeister sign saying MSN ranked their burgers in the top ten of the US, so we just had to check out BurgerMeister.

Burger Meister BurgerWe each had the mushroom, swiss cheese 1/3 pound burger.  BurgerMeister also serves 1/2 pounders.  For $9.75, you get a large burger with your choice of fries, cole slaw or a spring salad.  The 1/2 pounder is $11.50.  I chose the fries, and Linda had the salad.  The fries were quite good, not nearly the best I’ve ever had.  The burger was juicy and very filling.

They have a large selection of beers on tap to choose from, some of them local.

BurgerMeister has 6 locations in the Bay Area.  Our visit was in Berkeley.  We got there at 11:30, fortunately, because the mad rush of Berkeley High School and Cal students started right at noon.  I’d say BurgerMeister is a good choice if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t make it a destination.  (And, I’d take Original Joe’s Sourdough burger any day over BurgerMeister in North Beach.)

BurgerMeister Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Above Average

Good Things

  • 6 Locations
  • Big Student Rush in Berkeley

Bad Things

  • Counter Service

The Breakdown


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