Chez Papa Bistrot

Chez Papa Bistrot

If you’re looking for a classic French bistro in San Francisco, Chez Papa Bistrot, is the place to go.  French waiters, French feel, classic bistro dishes, all at Chez Papa Bistrot. We were on our way to Hawaii when United informed us of our four hour delay.  Packed, ready to go, and dog sitter in place, it was either the airport or some good foodie investigative work.  Chez Papa Bistrot is in a three-block neighborhood in the Potrero District.  The community is teaming with all kinds of restaurants from Thai, Italian, Sushi, Breakfast, Spanish.  It’s a great spot to just show up and choose whatever you fancy at the moment. Tempranillo roseWith steak frites and trout almondine, we compromised with a Tempranillo Rose.  Tempranillo is much like a Spanish Chianti.  The grape has deep flavors but a short finish.  This rose was dry enough to go with the steak and perfect with the trout.  The French LOVE rose in the summer – it’s their go-to drink.

Steak Frites is one of our favorite French dishes, and Chez Papa Bistrot prepares it perfectly to the desired doneness.  Chez Papa Bistrot calls it Grilled Flat Iron Steak on their menu.  The steak is covered with a rich cabernet sauce and accompanied by a bourdelaise sauce and, of course, frites.   Called Lemon Trout, the Trout Almondine was crispy on the outside with an almondine butter sauce, slivered almonds, and green beans.  It was a delightful meal and just enough to satiate the appetite, although I must say the desserts looked quite appetizing.


Steak Frites


Trout Amandine

The gentleman in the seat next to us ordered the Caesar Salad with Chicken, and I just had to take a picture and add it to this post.  In return for the favor, I am publicly thanking him for letting me do so!!!  So many people these days are taking pictures of their food in restaurants.  You never know whether it’s a hobby, passion, or some pro trying to get the best shots for the best blog or news bite.  You’re gonna love Chez Papa Bistrot.

Caesar Salad with Chicken

Inside Chez Papa Bistrot

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