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This is my second lunch at Coqueta.  The first was SO good that I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures or write notes.  Sometimes when food is that good, it could very well disappoint later.  But that wasn’t the case at Coqueta.  My friend, Debbie, and I had a fine lunch.

Our waiter was Eduardo who is Spanish.  He recommended a gin and tonic to me.  I don’t normally go for tonic, but said ok.  The featured image is that gin and tonic, so beautiful and quite tasty!!  Debbie had an equally exotic-looking cocktail made with gin.  Eduardo was so on his game that we asked him to do an ‘omakasaye’.  That’s the Japanese term for chef’s choice.  Eduardo did an excellent job timing the food and delivering them in an order that built flavors instead of overwhelmed them.  I’ll review many of the dishes here.

Tapas are small plates.  The word came from the south of Spain where people would go into a bar for a small bite and a sherry.  The small bite plate would rest nicely on ‘top’ of the sherry.

Kale Salad

Croquetas de Pollo

Salmon AhumadoWe started with a delicious kale salad.  It was accompanied by a unique combo of roasted squash, pickled apricots, in a warm garbanzo dressing.  I didn’t taste garbanzos, but I did love the salad.

Lovely smoked salmon bagels were next.  The extra touch was truffle honey.

Our stomachs were quite full when the Iberico de Bellota arrived.  Iberico ham is grown in a unique region in Spain.  The pigs are fed black acorns which makes the meat taste rich and creamy.  It only became available in the US within the last few years.  It is rare to see Iberico cooked, so we were pleasantly surprised with this pork shoulder loin that had a nice spicy honey-chili glaze.

Iberico de Bellota

We really loved Coqueta and can’t wait to go back.  The fact that most seats have a lovely view of the bay is another added bonus.  AND, I’m SO happy to be home!!!  We’ve been on a 90-day road trip, and we’re still writing our last articles.  If you’d like to take a look at the food we enjoyed across the US and Canada, take a look at

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  1. Damien

    Welcome home ! Loved this review and found it quite timely as my daughter and her husband with friends are going tomorrow night ! You, as always, are so on top of your game. Damien

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