Craftsman & Wolves

Craftsman & Wolves

According to the website for Craftsman & Wolves, “The name is a nod to the craftsman and the numerous challenges that one faces when pursuing their craft.” William Werner is owner/chef, and his story is amazing. He enjoyed a massive following from the renowned San Francisco restaurant, Quince, and has enjoyed a steady crowd more than willing to pay a premium price for Chef Werner’s artisan pastries.

I took my friends, Russell and Marcy Siu, owners of Honolulu’s 3660 on the Rise. Russell is the 2010 Hawaii Chef of the Year, so I had to find places to impress, and that’s just what Craftsman and Wolves did.

Baguettes at Craftsman & Wolves


Chocolate Sourdough Bread at Craftsman and Wolves

Chocolate Sourdough Bread

Cube Cake at Craftsman & Wolves

Cube Cake

Lime Meringue and Chocolate Croissant Stack at Craftsman & Wolves

Lime Meringue and Chocolate Croissant Stack

Tons of Selections at Craftsman & Wolves

Tons of Selections

In addition to the three lovely pastries we shared – a lime meringue, a chocolate croissant stack and their notorious cube cake – I took home a load of chocolate sourdough bread and enjoyed it toasted this morning with my cappuccino.

If you go, take a walk around the neighborhood. There is so much to see. Dandelion Chocolate is just a few doors away. Tacolicious and Mau for ramen are across the street. The Valencia Corridor is the hottest district in all of San Francisco right now, and at night, you will find the streets packed with people. Just get a cab to drop you off at 16 & Valencia and continue walking down the street. So much to see, buy, and eat.

Craftsman & Wolves Wrap-Up

Price: $$


Good Things

  • Beautiful, delicious pastry
  • Great location
  • Variety

Bad Things

  • Difficult parking
  • Crowded

The Breakdown


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