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Dottie's True Blue OutsideDottie’s True Blue Cafe is one of the hottest breakfast spots in the city.  There are lines there all day long.  People were worried that when Dottie’s True Blue moved from the Tenderloin to a block from Mission and 6th, another dangerous area, that they wouldn’t survive.  Absolutely not so.

Yet, in spite of their long lines over the years, I was TRULY disappointed with Dottie’s True Blue Cafe.  The service was only ok, but took a worse turn when the waiter pretty much ignored my comments about the flavorless food when the bill was presented.  The atmosphere is nice, and the creativity of the food is good as well, but the food itself is flavorless at Dottie’s True Blue.

One of our guests had the oatmeal with pecans.  I guess oatmeal is not very flavorful to start off with, but this was like eating paste.  Dave had the pulled pork, roasted onion and jack cheese scramble.  It came with flour tortillas and home fries and chili sauce.  The only part of it with any evidence of flavor was the chili sauce, and it was very mild.  I was intrigued by one of their specials.  It was zucchini cakes with two poached eggs on top, home fries, and toast.  With the carb overload, I requested the fruit instead of toast.  Dottie’s True Blue has a number of innovative specials, many of which take advantage of seasonality.  My dish was completely tasteless, and I think it a bad idea to put the potatoes with the zucchini cakes which already had breading and flour in them.  The poached eggs were hard cooked eggs with absolutely no liquid to attempt to combine some of the flavors.

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At $11 or so per entree, it could be considered expensive, but not by San Francisco terms.  But when I pay a lot for my food, I expect good food and service.  Of all the restaurants where I’ve eaten in San Francisco, I would consider Dottie’s True Blue the worst.  If it was just one of our three meals, I could understand, but all three??

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