Double Play

Double Play

I LOVE dive bars, and Double Play is just the place.  Like its competitor, Il Pirata, down the street, there’s something for everyone here.  Lots of  TVs showing off the latest games.  There’s a full bar with everything for everybody.  Beers are on tap and in the bottles.  BTW, don’t you find it amazing how great marketing has made Stella Artois, a 650 year old Belgian brew, has come into such popularity??

My hairdresser is down the street, and I’ve always wanted to go to Double Play.  The San Francisco Seals used to have a ballpark right across the street.  I forgot to ask if they were actually there back in the day, but by the looks of Double Play, it’s quite possible.  (I met a guy yesterday at Heron Head who’s a Royals fans, and we both predicted the Giants will play the Royals in the World Series – wouldn’t that be awesome??  My high school friend’s son, Danny Duffy, plays for the Royals, so I have a soft spot for them.)

Chicken Noodle SoupEverything you can imagine is on the menu for a perfect dive bar trio.  I didn’t have a lot of time.  The lady next to me was enjoying split pea soup, so I asked for some.  No go, Joe.  That soup was made just for that lady, a loyal customer, who called in that morning to request it.  Instead, I got the Chicken Vegetable Soup.  It was delightful, although needed a bit of salt.

Double Play has daily specials ranging from cheeseburger, fries and a Bud at $10 for Giants day games, corned beef, spaghetti, and lots more.  It’s really hard to park in the area, so your best bet is to head to Safeway, Petco or Peet’s across the street – buy something – and then sneak over to Double Play.  16th and Bryant is a BEAR for parking.  Enjoy, people!!!  I think I’m going to focus on dive bars for a bit.  They’re so much fun!!  If you watched Looking, based here in San Francisco, they pointed out some places I never dreamed of going to, but look so perfectly dive.

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