Duarte’s Tavern

Duarte’s Tavern

Duarte's TavernSan Francisco restaurants are my specialty, but every now and then, I find my way out of town for something special.  Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero is about 45 miles south of San Francisco off of Hwy. 1.  They’ve been around and in the family since 1894.  That’s a long time in California years.  The restaurant has classic American food, and it’s a madhouse on the weekends.  The area is really fun to walk around with artisan shops and local offerings.

Duarte’s is famous for their Cream of Artichoke and Cream of Arbol Chile Soup.  The locals order a Half and Half.  The artichoke comes through loud and clear, but it’s the arbol chile that is really interesting.  It tastes like you’ve just taken a bite of the mild chile.  It’s particularly good on a cold, foggy day near the Pacific.

The Half and Half at duarte's tavern

Another favorite it the Fried Calamari Sandwich.  It comes with a two generous slices of Calimari, tartar sauce and an equally generous portion of french fries.  There are daily specials. Breakfast is really good, too.

duarte's tavern

Duarte’s Tavern Depot Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Above Average

Good Things

  • Local Place
  • Local People
  • Local Food

Bad Things

  • Very crowded on weekends

The Breakdown


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