Fog City

Fog City

Fog City Diner was around for years, a tried and true San Francisco restaurant. I always like taking visitors to Fog City Diner as it exemplified consistently good San Francisco food.

Well, a few months back, Fog City Diner closed for a massive remodel, and it recently reopened as simply Fog City. There was a dividing wall that blocked the bay view. If you were taken to that part of the restaurant, you might have felt you were in the least desirable part of the restaurant. That wall is now gone.

The waiter's view of the kitchen at Fog City

The waiter’s view of the kitchen

The recovered booths at Fog City

The recovered booths

Wood Burning Oven at Fog City

Wood Burning Oven

The center of the restaurant has a beautiful triangular bar with communal seating along the west side. The booths at the entrance remain the same, but the smooth, cool, beige colors add an elegant touch. And, the kitchen is wide open and visible as you walk in the door. They have a great wood-burning oven.

I like to test the bartender’s ability with my usual Manhattan, and Dave goes for a 209 Gin Martini. They were served in the traditional glasses, and were quite good. This is probably why the bar was packed at 5:30pm, and the restaurant side was just getting warmed up.

Deviled Eggs at Fog City

Deviled Eggs

Octopus Salad at Fog City

Octopus Salad

We started with the deviled eggs. They are served with bacon and crispy quinoa, and marvelous crunchy texture for the smooth deviled eggs. They have eight different vegetable dishes to choose from, but we opted to go with the accompaniments of the main dishes to make room for all of our sampling. The grilled octopus salad was served with beans of a perfect texture, olives, celery, fennel and a nice, spicy chili oil. This was the most unique and innovative dish we had at Fog City that night.

The Pork Chop at Fog City

The Pork Chop

Brandt's Beef Ribeye at Fog City

Brandt’s Beef Ribeye

The Heritage pork chop was served with sauerkraut mixed with spaetzle, with apple sauce accompanying it. The pork chop was tender and nicely charred. Mixing the spaetzle and the sauerkraut gave it excellent texture and a bit of sour. Brandt’s Beef is my favorite all-time beef. I had my first sampling at the Fancy Foods Show a few years back. The beef is raised in Brawley, near the Mexico border. It is so tender and flavorful. Fog City’s preparation was really good. The ribeye was served with poached radishes, arugula, a green onion Yorkshire pudding, and an herbed salad on top. Cooked perfectly, tender and delicious.

Pana Cotta Chocolate Pudding at Fog City

Pana Cotta Chocolate Pudding

Even though we ended up taking leftovers home, we had to try the Pana Cotta Chocolate Pudding for dessert. It had a chocolate crust base, topped with chocolate pudding and then the pana cotta. Marcona almonds topped the delightful and tasty dish.

Jose was our waiter. He did a fabulous job. All in all, Fog City is a great new San Francisco restaurant, a place to wine, drink and dine.

Fog City Wrap-Up

Price: $$$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Great service
  • Innovative food
  • Beautiful space

Bad Things

  • Can be really crowded

The Breakdown


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