Golden Gate Field

Golden Gate Fields

Tuna MeltWe love going to Golden Gate Fields! The Turf Club is an excellent spot to enjoy the races and have a wonderful meal. The service at Golden Gate Fields is really good.

You can make a reservation to Golden Gate Field’s Turf Club online. All reservations are for 11am with a post time at 12:45 usually, but you don’t need to be there until 12:15 to hold your reservation.

I believe the Turf Club charge is $15. When you go through the turnstile, ask for the daily program and any information on placing bets if you need it. There are usually 10 races in all.

Club Sandwich

Tuna Melt

We ordered a martini while we went through the betting information, then placed a few bets. Then, it was time for lunch. They have a buffet on weekends, but I don’t really like buffets, so we opted for the menu. They serve healthy salads and food as well as an array of sandwiches and then full meals if you want. This day, Dave ordered the club sandwich and I ordered the tuna melt, and we shared. The amount of fries if massive. The sandwiches were perfectly cooked and served hot in the case of the tuna melt.

TurfThey have monitors at each table so you can watch AND bet on other race courses that are running. I like to see the horses come out of the ‘barn’ to get a feel for their demeanor before betting. It was, however, a bad day at the races. We normally break even or make money at Golden Gate Fields. Not so lucky this day, but we never really bet much. Also good to know is that they have excellent tours on race day during which you can go down on the track and spend time with a winning horse and jockey – well worth the price of the tour.

It’s easy to get to Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley with two exits off of the I-80 (did you know that Southern Californians always use ‘the’ in front of the freeway name and Northern Californians don’t?). I guess old habits are hard to break.

Golden Gate Fields Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Really Good

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