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Green Chile Kitchen

It might be just me, but I’ve always thought that Chile is a country, and chili is something you eat.  Green Chile Kitchen makes me completely wrong. 

I’ve been wanting to go to Green Chile Kitchen since they opened nine years back.  The restaurant is at McAllister and Baker, making it GU as well as the parking is always a nightmare.  Not the day I met Maria for lunch.  Maria is from New Mexico as are quite a few of my friends.  Hatch chiles are what makes the green chile sauces from New Mexico unique.  (My opinion on terroir is that, even if you planted hatch chiles here yourself, the earth in which they grow will make them completely different in taste.)   When Barbara visits from Albuquerque, Nate and Sam practically demand an entire second suitcase filled with the stuff – frozen, canned, you name it!  It’s really quite good.

Green Chile Kitchen has a good and varied menu.  The space is open and communal with a few smaller booths around the room.  At the bar, beer and wine are served on tap.  The ONLY problem I have with Green Chile Kitchen is ordering at the counter and then being served at the table.  You have to get your own silverware and water from a station.  At least you don’t have to bus the table as well.  I really prefer wait service, and a $14 burrito warrants it.  I’m not going to bash them on my review scale, as some people look there first, and I don’t want anyone to be discouraged by a lower score.  The people there do a great job – it’s just I like wait service, so I think my review ratings wouldn’t properly tell the story.

Chile Rellenos GCKMaria had chile rellenos which looked SO good.  I had a Green Chile Roasted Pork Burrito, with chile, beans, potatoes, cheese, crema, rice & calabacitas.  I had them take out the potatoes and rice, because I prefer the bold flavors, and these two items sometimes make the taste more neutral.  It was a wonderful burrito with enough left over for dinner that night.

Green Chile Kitchen offers unique New Mexican cuisine, and I highly recommend it.  And, parking isn’t as bad as I thought.

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