Izakaya Yuzuki

Izakaya Yuzuki

With a cold coming on, there’s nothing better than Ramen. There are tons of San Francisco restaurants that specialize in Ramen, and they’re popping up all the time, especially in the Mission District and the Valencia Corridor. We headed to Ken Ken Ramen, only to find them closed for a few days for a quick remodel.

I read recently about Izakaya Yuzuki (their website is beautiful), and although most izakayas don’t offer ramen, we decided to head there anyway. And, darn, no ramen, but they had a really good menu of izakaya. Izakaya is the Japanese version of Spanish Tapas – small plates.

Inside Izakaya Yuzuki

Inside Izakaya Yuzuki

Crab Sunomono at Izakaya Yuzuki

Crab Sunomono

We had Pirikara Cucumbers ($5) that were pickled and crisp. The Sunomono had lovely chunks of crab over cucumbers in a rice vinegar sauce ($12). Had I to order over again, I would have chosen something other than two cucumber dishes. Also, the cucumber in the Sunomono wasn’t sliced through which made it hard to grab a smaller piece, so it overwhelmed the crab, unfortunately. The Zaru Tofu ($10) was extremely velvety and rich. The sea salt served with it really enhanced the flavor.

Zaru Tofu at Izakaya Yuzuki

Zaru Tofu

Pork Tonkatsu at Izakaya Yuzuki

Pork Tonkatsu

The Tonkatsu ($15) was cooked perfectly, and the miso sauce accompanying it made it even better. The only disappointment to me was the Kara-age Chicken ($10). Although it tasted good, Kara-age is supposed to be fried chicken balls. These were not at all crispy even though the menu touted so.

Kara-age Chicken at Izakaya Yuzuki

Kara-age Chicken

Jinmai Denshu at Izakaya Yuzuki

Jinmai Denshu

Izakaya Yuzuki has a very good list of sake. My favorite it Jinmai, so we ordered the allegedly rare Jinmai Denshu ($40 for a 500ml carafe). It was fabulous, deep in sake flavor with a crispness to it. They serve it at room temperature. They also offer beer and wine.

Izakaya Yuzuki Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Above Average

Good Things

  • Great location
  • Traditional Izakaya

Bad Things

  • Difficult parking
  • Some menu items not as described

The Breakdown


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