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Happy New Year everyone!!!  I’ve been gone a while out of the country but now I’m back and anxious to get my food and wine writing back in high gear!!  It’s a pleasure to review a wonderful dive diner in The Mission – Jim’s Restaurant.

I love dive bars, but I may love old time diners more.  They’re getting hard to find.  I had an eye doctor appointment at Stamper Optical in the Mission District, which I HIGHLY recommend, and headed one block east to Jim’s Restaurant  for breakfast afterward.  How nice to NOT have my eyes dilated.  Pay the extra $49 for the two tests that eliminate that necessity.

jims counter

jims inside

Jim’s Restaurant – just look at this place.  (They don’t have a website, so I used Google+’s ranking as they get a 4 out of 5 instead of the 3.5 on Yelp.)  It’s out of the age of the wonderful diners.  And, it’s totally awesome.  They gave me a table up front where I could see all of the action.  I was waited on immediately, and served water, upon request.  We still have a drought, people, even with the wonderful rain that we’ve had.  Make restaurants ask you if you want water and not voluntarily serve it.

I ordered my usual, the bailiwick of how I judge a breakfast place – hamburger patty, medium rare, eggs over medium and hash browns crispy.  And, boy, was it.  The service was excellent, and so was the food.  It appears that Jim’s Restaurant uses high quality beef as it tasted so. 

jims eggs

jims mariachi

After I ordered, a wonderful Mission District regular came in with his guitar and serenaded us with his beautiful voice.  Come on, people.  Let’s honor the Mission and its amazing heritage and help preserve places like Jim’s Restaurant.  Go there – eat – give good tips.  There are so many places shutting down due to higher rents and the changing environment of the Mission.  We just have to stand together to honor heritage and culture.  There’s so much to offer here.  Jim’s Restaurant is just a slice of the beautiful iceberg.
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