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Bloody MaryKitchen Story at 16th and Sanchez used to be Tangerine.  Tangerine was good enough but didn’t seem to draw enough people to sustain the place, despite happy hour and free drink offers.  It appears that Kitchen Story doesn’t need gimmicks and promos to get a crowd.  We went there for breakfast, and in the Castro at 9:15 on a weekend, and we got the last seat before the wait list kicked in.  Pretty amazing since the Castro is a late night party neighborhood.

We sat outside with the dogs.  It takes a while to calm them down even after a nice hike and ball-throwing at Chrissie Field.  There’s ample room, and we were greeted immediately to take our drink order.  Kitchen Story doesn’t serve liquor, but they made a really nice Bloody Mary with shoju.  It was quite tasty, and the drink itself was quite beautiful, with house pickled goodies, a serious celery stalk, and the mix itself had lovely little bits of ginger in it.

Belly Rancheros

Belly Rancheros

Open Face Breakfast

Open Face Breakfast

Dave was attracted by the Belly Rancheros – pork kelly marinated in what appeared to be a sweeter than usual sauce that was nicely roasted.  The pork belly sits atop two separate corn tortillas, slices of avocado with kimchi salsa on top and then two poached eggs.  It’s served with an array of roasted root vegetables.  Only a few problems – one of the poached eggs was missing its yolk which was imperative to add moisture to what otherwise would have been a dry offering.  Second, only the replacement poached egg was hot.  Everything else was at room temperature.  Had it been hot, I think it would have been quite a bit more tasty.

I ordered the Open Face Breakfast.  It’s a slice of toasted sour dough with Vermont white cheddar is melted on top.  A Wagyu beef burger cooked to order, perfectly on this run, sets on top with sautéed mushrooms and spinach and two fried eggs on top.  Fruit and the root vegetable medley accompanied the dish along with their basil parmesan biscuit.  Although the burger was cooked perfectly, there was hardly any spinach and mushrooms, and the fried eggs were raw, not in under-cooked, but raw where the whites were still see-through.  I had to send them back.  They returned, still mostly uncooked but at least enough to eat the food.  Had there been more mushrooms and spinach and cooked-through eggs, this dish would have gotten a far higher rating.

Service is excellent.  There’s a waitress who’s backed up by two bus persons.  They were all friendly and on top of their game.  (Why doesn’t Jerry Brown, from his previous days as governor, re-enact the water at restaurants by request initiative???  We were served two full glasses of water and a carafe accompanying it.  Simply a waster and unnecessary.  Kitchen Story is in the majority in this kind of service.  I really wish something would be done.  I now pro-actively, when I can, request that no water be served if I’m drinking something else, or only have one glass of water.)Inside Kitchen STory

Kitchen Story’s location is good, and they’ve upgraded the space to make it quite quaint inside.  With some work on the breakfast preparation, they could be good, but with so many other places worthy of my lowest repeat score of 7+, I probably won’t go back to Kitchen Story, at least for breakfast.  Lunch and dinner menus look worth a second try.

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