The Entrance to La Taqueria

La Taqueria

When I moved from LA in 1994, I took for granted that Mexican restaurants were just plain good. Rarely would you find a bad one. In San Francisco, rarely do you find a really good one.

My friend, Ricardo from Texas, who used to live in San Francisco, told me that every time he flies through San Francisco, he makes sure he has a long enough layover time to get to La Taqueria, located on Mission St. near 25th in San Francisco. Now, that’s dedication and an indication that the food must be good. Ricardo told me that traditional Mexican burritos do not include rice, and in fact that’s exactly the way La Taqueria makes them.

Inside La Taqueria

I love their burritos. I always order the carnitas burrito with cheese. It was lots of pork carnitas, pinto beans, a mild but cilantro-enhanced salsa and the optional cheese for a whopping $7.67. It’s two meals for me because it’s so filling, and I also want to prolong the pleasure. Their tacos are stuffed with meat, and they even put beans on them! The ambience is nothing special at La Taqueria It’s meant to be more of a fast food joint.

Working on Burritos at La Taqueria

They have no website, but you’ll see them well-rated and top spot on most of the popular restaurant review sites. Give em a try. You’ll love it!

La Taqueria Wrap-Up

Price: $

Worth a Try

Good Things

  • Traditional burritos without rice
  • Generous servings

Bad Things

  • Long lines
  • Difficult parking

The Breakdown


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