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Jake DeVoignes is one of the best chefs in San Francisco.  He’s had quite a bit of experience in San Francisco restaurants, including Fifth Floor, Fish and Farm, Local Mission Eatery and now Local’s Corner.  This is his new spot at 23rd and Bryant on a ‘local corner’ that was abandoned long ago.  I’ve been wanting to try it, and one day on the way home, I decided if there was a parking spot within a block, I would go.  Lucky me!!  Local’s Corner is open for breakfast through dinner every day, and when I can’t make it to Swan Oyster Depot, I head here for my morning oyster fix.  They’re a bit pricey at $2.50 to $3.50 each, but they have a unique selection.

The oysters at Local's Corner

The menu is amazingly innovative in ways that you couldn’t imagine.  Michael Bauer of the San Francisco Chronicle defines if far better than me here.  The menu changes with the seasons.  What amazes Michael Bauer and me is that they use a sous vide machine, a convection oven and a hot plate to make all of their food.  It’s beyond belief!! After my oysters, I had the Smoked Sturgeon with round baby potatoes, cut in half in a horseradish sauce, accompanied by grilled peaches.  I would never have thought to make that combination, but it works – smoky, salty, sweet.  At $14, it was just right.  The menu also changes for lunch and dinner, with more selections at dinner.  They also serve brunch on the weekend.

Local’s Corner Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Above Average

Good Things

  • Local people and local products
  • Good Service
  • Simple, tasty menu

Bad Things

  • Parking can be difficult

The Breakdown


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