The Menu at Maruya

The Menu

Now this is a special place. Tucked into a nondescript block at 16th and Van Ness, you might pass this place by completely. But, certainly my foodie informants at EaterSF, InsideScoop, and UrbanDaddy, among others didn’t.

The two chefs are Japanese-trained, and believe in the utmost simplicity in their preparation of food. They prefer to serve omakase, which gives the choice of what is served to the chefs. We chose the $85 omakase, but the waiter explained that we could eat as much as we like and end the service when we were full.

As you can see from the pictures accompanying this article, the food was so beautifully prepared and served.

Homemade Tofu with Sea Urchin at Maruya

Homemade Tofu with Sea Urchin

Oyster at Maruya


Toro at Maruya


Sashimi at Maruya


It was my first opportunity to taste homemade tofu, and combining it with sea urchin was brilliant. The vinegary mild sauch on the oyster was different and most definitely Japanese. Unlike most places that serve sushi, these guys were pretty adamant that you eat the fish as they serve it. There was no soy sauce on the table, and rarely was it included with the dish served. I look forward to going back to Maruya. Each time will be unique and rewarding.

Maruya Depot Wrap-Up

Price: $$$$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Excellent sushi/izakaya served in traditional Japanese fashion
  • Beautiful and serene environment
  • Leaving the choice to chef, omakase, is best

Bad Things

  • Difficult parking
  • Sake is expensive, but when isn’t it?

The Breakdown


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