Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s Steakhouse

You’ll find a Morton’s Steakhouse throughout the US.  The Morton’s Steakhouse in San Francisco is conveniently located just off Union Square.  We were headed to a speaker’s session at the Elks Lodge a few doors up, so we decided to go to there for some hors d’oeuvres which turned out to be dinner.

We sat at the bar.  If you go to Morton’s enough, the great bartenders will remember your name AND your drink.  While drinks are not cheap, Morton’s does give a good pour.

Instead of the bar menu, we ordered from the dinner menu.  Morton’s Steakhouse makes an excellent blue cheese salad.  Crumbled bits of blue cheese, bacon, egg and tomatoes sit atop the wedge along with blue cheese dressing.  It’s crisp and delicious.

Blue Cheese Salad

Filet and Crabcake

We were going light, so we shared the salad along with a filet mignon which was served with a crab cake.  The crab cake is loaded with crab.  One thing for sure, Morton’s Steakhouse knows how to cook steak.  The desired ‘doneness’ is always perfect. Other food, however, can be inconsistent. The last few times we had their hash browns, they weren’t completely cooked. They’re supposed to be crispy, and they weren’t.  The lobster was raw when we ordered the lobster special we one time.   And I recall the vegetable side dish being undercooked on one occasion.  I guess we should just stick with steak.

Steak at Morton'sThere are many cuts of steak to choose from.  Our favorite is the bone-in ribeye.  It’s definitely big enough to share.  A visit to Morton’s Steakhouse may cost you a bit, but it’s well worth the trip.


Morton’s Steakhouse Wrap-Up

Price: $$$$

Worth a Try

Good Things

  • Convenient to Shopping
  • Good Service

Bad Things

  • Pricey
  • Food is Inconsistent at Times

The Breakdown


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