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Aaahhh Nopalito.  I’ve been dying to go there ever since they opened.  Nopa is still one of the hottest tickets in town, and I haven’t been there either.  But when the Nopa owners decided to open Nopalito based on one of their chefs preparing Mexican food for their staff and it being SO good, they opened a place next door, I just couldn’t resist.  The problem for me was GU – as in geographically undesirable and just plain fitting everything in.  So when my friend Mary invited me to a beautiful walk in The Presidio starting at the golf course and meandering onto the Mountain Lake Trail, we decided we needed sustenance.  (Mary is my dear friend who boldly and bravely gave her husband a kidney to save his life, and although they’re both doing great, recovery from such an ordeal takes time.  This was Mary’s biggest walk since the surgery.  The world needs more people like this amazing woman!!)

Mary wanted sushi since it’s off limits for her husband.  I wanted Mex.  I guess I always want Mex.  Then, the challenge was to find a place with outside seating so the pooches could join us.  Well, I was reminded that Nopalito recently opened up a spot on 9th near Lincoln near Golden Gate Park.  So, off we went when we saw outside seating.

We started with ceviche, a beautiful combination served with chips.  Mary says that Nopa brings far too many chips with salsa to actually eat the rest of your meal.  So, we ordered the ceviche which included chips and was a beautiful combination of various seafoods, including calamari, shrimp and white fish.  There was jalapeño slices, tiny tasty cubes of grapefruit, onion and thinly sliced avocado.  Absolutely fabulous.

Nopalita Ceviche

Nopalito Beans and Rice

We got a small pitcher of margaritas.  They were good, but I would have liked some Triple Sec in them. 

The piece de resistance was the Carnitas at Nopalito, pictured in the feature spot.  It came in huge chunks in a brown parchment wrap with a lovely salsa verde and a crispy cabbage slaw.  We ordered Nopa’s rice and beans on the side.  Corn tortillas were freshly grilled.  I tell you, it was some of the best carnitas I have ever had.  They kept delivering the hot corn tortillas to combine all of the above ingredients (I didn’t eat the rice) into a marvelous taco.

Nopalito FlanNopalito’s Flan was prepared perfectly, not too sweet but oh so creamy.

I highly recommend Nopalito for really good Mexican food.  Service is attentive and excellent.  I didn’t go into the restaurant to view the ambience there, but outside was perfect for people watching and pooch begging.

Nopalito Wrap-Up

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