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It’s an anomaly to have a huge line of customers waiting and have a bad meal as we did at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe.   At Plow , however, as in most instances, there is IMG_8620 resizedplenty of reasons to wait in line.  Plow has seats outside with about the same wait as inside, so the doggies got to go.  It cost me two mimosas in my lap from Wilhelmina Mayes trying to say ‘hi’ to every passing pup!!

I’ve only been to Plow for breakfast, and believe me, it’s delicious.  Everything’s so fresh and, somehow, the food is really unique.  Take, for instance, their breakfast potatoes.  Skins are flaked from the potato.  There are large and small chunks of potato that most likely are boiled first and then deep fried with the flakes.  The result is some of the best potatoes I’ve had, and I’m a huge potato fan.

Chicken Sausage and EggsAlong with my potatoes came eggs cooked perfectly over medium, small chicken apple sausage links, and a generous slice of toast, the latter for the pups, of course.  The sausage was mild, and four even small sausages are plentiful!!

Linda had a similar eggs combo but with four slices of bacon and lemon ricotta pancakes.  Plow is known for their lemon ricotta pancakes for good reason.  The lemon makes them slightly sour but flavorful, and the ricotta adds a savory richness. 

Service at Plow is excellent.  The wait staff if quite personable, and every one of them helps out, no mater what table.  Plow is a small Potrero neighborhood spot but definitely worth a trip.

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