There’s a three or so block area near Church and 29th that worth a saunter.  Chris Cosentino’s Incanto has recently been reinvented at Porcellino, and it’s worth a visit.  I’m personally not a fan of ordering at the counter, but the locals seem to love it.  Starting at around 28th, make your way to Porcellino, Chris Cosentino’s reinvention of his former restaurant, Incanto.  I’m really surprised to see Cosentino make this change.  Clearly, he understands his local audience, taking a winning restaurant and turning it into a cafe.

There are several display cases which hold Cosentino’s Boccalone products.  Boccalone is also housed in the Ferry Building for easy access on Saturday Farmers’ Market day.  As my pictures show, there is a wide variety of cheese, house-cured meats, pasta, sauce, everything Italian.

The menu at Porcellino is thoroughly Italian.  Many sandwiches are offered at reasonable prices of around $8 with a prosciutto sandwich coming in at $10.  There is pasta and daily specials.

If you do go to Porcellino for lunch, may I suggest you drop in to Drewes Brothers butcher shop?  A great group of guys with an excellent selection of meats, fish, deli and some grocery products.  And, at the end of the street is the stellar La Ciccia with outstanding Italian food.

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