Ravi Kapur worked for years at what is considered to be the top San Francisco restaurant Boulevard. The partners there worked with Ravi to create Prospect, a scaled down version of Boulevard with more accessible and less-pricey food. Ravi opened up Prospect with a bang, and the food was amazing. Surprisingly, Ravi left Prospect in September to do his own thing after only about six months in the job.  I find it surprising that, after so many years at Boulevard and then being put at the helm of the new venture, he would leave so soon. And, then, when a made a reservation to have dinner with my friend, Maria, Open Table gave me 1000 points for a 6pm reservation. It always worries me when restaurants offer 1000 points instead of the usual 100. One wonders what could be wrong.

But, nothing’s wrong at Prospect. The place is just as good, maybe even better, than when I last visited in August. First, the space is incredible – done in browns and beiges with tons of light streaming through the north-facing windows. It’s a great place for cocktails after work with a great bar space and communal tables. The restaurant offers individual bench and table seating.

I can never resist a Green Goddess salad, and it being on the dinner menu caused me to look no farther. It was delicious, but a little less creamy than I had hoped for.  Maria chose the halibut which was served on a bed of pea puree and corn, a beautiful presentation.

Halibut at Prospect

I really enjoyed the King Salmon. It was served on a bed of peas with pea gnocchi.  Delicious. It’s a bit pricey at Prospect but well worth it for a special night out.

King Salmon at Prospect

Prospect Wrap-Up

Price: $$$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Elegant enviornment
  • BART close
  • Top notch service

Bad Things

  • Parking can be difficult

The Breakdown


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