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RadishI seem to drive by Radish all the time.  Located on 19th near Valencia, its location is ideal for a meal any time of day.  There are tons of San Francisco Restaurants to choose from, especially in the Valencia Corridor. Here’s why you would choose Radish – the food is delicious and the service is excellent.  They offer vegetarian options, and their menu changes with the seasons.

Dave ordered the Croque Madame, served with what they call hash.  Hash is potatoes that are steamed and then quickly deep-fried.  The result is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They’re great.  The Croque Madame was served on grilled sourdough bread with an egg on top.  The thin-sliced ham was really tasty, along with the whole combo.

I had the Marinated Steak Breakfast Tacos, shown above, served with fruit instead of their marvelous hash.  Aside from the fact that there were only 4-5 pieces of steak in the tacos, I found them to be really delicious.  The fruit was freshly cut with good variety.  The only other issue I have with Radish is that they are very expensive for a little restaurant.  My Steak and Egg Tacos were $12.

Radish has breakfast, lunch and dinner menus posted on their website.  Fresh, creative and season ingredients like Radi-Kohl, a combo kohlrabi and radish salad, sit in the same column as burger offerings.  You’ll see a tofu offering at each meal, and lunch and dinner menus are quite similar.  I said breakfast was expensive, but I don’t find an $11 burger out of line with normal.  Still, I have to give them $$$ on price.

Croque Madame at Radish

Croque Madame at Radish

Inside Radish

Inside Radish

Radish is a very youthful hangout, although there are many other groups of customers.  The service is done by a very youthful group, and our service was excellent.  We ate outside because of the dogs, and our waitperson regularly came out to check on us and refill our water.  The dogs even got a dog dish of water.



Radish Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Fresh and classic fare
  • Great service

Bad Things

  • Breakfast is a little expensive

The Breakdown


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