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My Groupon for an appetizer, two entrees and one dessert at Regalito Rosticeria was about to expire, so I decided that eating Regalito Rosticeria food at the Giants game would be a great choice.  The problem was that the Groupon was for use eating IN the restaurant only.  I was going to just take some paper plates and wrap everything up, but the man with whom I was talking finally allowed us to make our meal to go.

Regalito Rosticeria has REALLY good food.  The guacamole was super flavorful and served with homemade tortilla chips.  I chose the pork carnitas as my entree.  As you can see in the feature picture, large, tender chunks of pork shoulder, I believe, was accompanied by a deliciously fresh pico de gallo and perfectly cooked black beans.  I’m guessing that the tortillas were homemade.  If not, I need to find their supplier.

Regalito Carne Asada
Dave had the Carne Asada.  The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare.  It was thick cut but still tender.  Accompanying the Regalito Rosticerria Carne Asada was nicely cooked steak fries and delicious, fresh roasted brussels sprouts.  The fries would have been much better eaten when immediately cooked, but that’s the price paid for taking out food instead of eating in.  I’ll be going back for their half roasted chicken.  We chose not to order it because it would have been difficult and messy at the ballgame.


For dessert, we chose flan.  It was not too sweet, and I loved the custard texture.   Prices are quite reasonable.  I would choose Regalito Rosticerria over Limon Rosticerria any Regalito Flanday.  More flavor, more choices and better pricing.



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