Sabores del Sur

Sabores del Sur

I so enjoyed the La Cocina Food & Entrepreneurship Conference that I had to partake of their graduates’ offerings.  That will take a while, but first up was Sabores del Sur in Walnut Creek, close to my friend’s San Ramon home, and I haven’t seen her in ages.

Sabores MenuGuisell is ‘The Cookie Lady’ and makes fabulous Alfajores, actually the most amazing, rich, filling, rock star cookie you’ve ever tasted.  Like an Oreo, two shortbread cookies enjoy a delightful filling.  This time, it’s Dulce de Leche, delivering one of the richest, most satisfying cookies on the planet!!  Guisell was there at the restaurant and gave Debbie and me two cookies at no charge because Guisell remembered ME from the La Cocina Food & Entrepreneurship tour!?!?!?  La Cocina is where Guisell started out.  

What a treat.  Sabores del Sur is located in the business district of Walnut Creek.  There’s a lovely atmosphere with counter service and nice seating, but it seems, at least at lunch, that Sabores del Sur has a large following of workaholics who prefer to take their delicious South American cuisine back to their offices/cubes.

Quinoa Salad and EmpanadaGuisell’s next big challenge is to mass produce empanadas, so HAD to have those.  At Sabores del Sur, my friend, Debbie, ordered the quinoa salad that was super fresh organic greens with perfectly cooked quinoa and a wonderful lemon vinaigrette.  Debbie had the steak empanada which was in a more flaky looking bread roll than my ground beef empanada.  Regardless, both were filled to the max with a wonderful green tomato salsa offering.  Delicious combination.

I had the chicken soup from Sabores del Sur, a sure fire comfort classic with shredded chicken, green beans, peas, rice and a marvelous flavor.  Prices are reasonable at Sabores del Sur, and they serve a delightful dinner, including ceviche on Thursday and Friday night.  Enjoy Sabores del Sur, Walnut Creek’s first foyer into South American cuisine.

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