Anniversary night at Schroeder’s. We met friends at Schroeder’s for cocktails and a nice meal. Schroeder’s has been around for years, but when the owners were ready to sell or close the restaurant, it was purchased in January, and a MAJOR renovation ensued. Schroeder’s is now an absolutely gorgeous restaurant with beautiful, spherical lighting that you find around Oktoberfest, artisan cocktails, and great service. Unfortunately, most of the food at Schroeder’s isn’t really German or Austrian, but more the Americanized version. Still, we were pleased with our meal at Schroeder’s.

Chicharones have nothing to do with a German menu – more Mexican; however, a hoxenbauer (sp?) is German – pork knuckle with crispy skin, so I ultimately understand the de/re-construction of certain menu items.  We also ordered a plate of pickled vegetables that was done really well with a lot of selection.  Our second plates that we shared were beautiful red beet salad with pumpernickel and a bed of what seemed like a sour cream mixture, and the latter ended up being crackers instead of bread.  I really liked Schroeder’s roasted brussels sprouts because they took away the bitterness with a bit of brown sugar.

For our main courses, two of us chose a delightful pork chop served with small, wild mushrooms.  It was cooked perfectlly and took me back to the days of the more fatty pork that we’ve managed to breed out of the poor piggies.  We had Schroeder’s Wiener Schnitzel that was also cooked perfectly.  It came with a vegetable mix, and there was nothing smooth to offset the crunchy textures, like spatzle for example, so the overall dish was lacking.

Ah, dessert.  I’m not normally a fan, but in addition to the yogurt and fruit dish in the featured photo, we had a delightful deconstructed black forest cake that was out of this world.  Crisp chocolate layer and nuts with flavorful marinated cherries, covered in whipped cream.  I’d go back just for the dessert.

Schroeder’s is worth a try and a good stop for a little different German food and a pitstop to watch sports on their giant TVs.

Worth a Try

Good Things

  • Beautiful Environment
  • Excellent Service

Bad Things

  • NO Parking

The Breakdown


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