SOMA Street Food Park

It could be just one of those days when you and your partner can’t agree on what to eat??  SOMA Street Food Park has pretty much anything you could dream up.  Your partner wants pizza and you want falafel??  No problem.  Burgers and ice cream?  No problem.  Roasted chicken?  No problem.  Sunshine with no wind?  No problem.  SOMA Street Food is your go-to place.

Located across the street from San Francisco’s only Costco, this is a popular place.  Costco tries to keep the SOMA Street Food Park folks out of their huge parking lot until the evening, but when you shop at Costco, how are they possibly going to punish you by hitting up SOMA Street Food before or after your exhausting Costco buying experience?

You won’t believe the diversity of the people at SOMA Street Food Park, from suits and ties to skateboarders to groups of tech workers from the nearby area.

There are daily and evening specials offered at SOMA Street Food Park.  The deals and dates are listed on the chalkboards at the entrance to the lot.  The gallery below will show you just about every angle of SOMA Street Food Park.  Definitely worth your taking a look.  Also, check out their website that has a list of vendors and also events.

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